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Chinese Politician Bo Xilai's Wife Detained Over Alleged Connection to British Man's Death


British Foreign Secretary William Hague welcomes news that China will investigate Neil Heywood's death (Photo: BBC video)

The political scandal engulfing a high-ranking Chinese politician, Bo Xilai, now includes allegations that his wife has been involved in the murder of a British man who lived in China.

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Last November, businessman Neil Heywood was found dead in a Chongquing hotel.

At the time, officials said that Heywood died of "excessive alcohol consumption," but now, Gu Kailai, wife of suspended politician Bo Xilai, has been detained in connection with Heywood's death.

Chinese officials have said that Gu Kailai and an employee of her household are suspected of homicide.

Anchor Marco Werman talks with the Wall Street Journal's Jeremy Page, who has been following the story, to find out more about who Neil Heywood was.