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Jeremy Wuitschick, 13, saves school bus from crashing (VIDEO)


This image from a school bus surveillance camera shows Jeremy Wuitschick, 13, steering the bus to safety after the driver's apparent heart attack.


ABC News

Thirteen-year-old Jeremy Wuitschick’s quick thinking may have saved his classmates Monday morning after their school bus driver’s apparent heart attack, The Seattle Times reported.

The Milton, Wash., teen grabbed the wheel and steered the bus to safety when he noticed the driver in distress.

“I was just thinking I don’t want to die,” Jeremy told the newspaper. “(I) grabbed the wheel. I turned to the right. Turned to the side of the road. Took the keys out of the ignition. We started slowing down, and I said, ‘Somebody call 911!’”

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The bus was on its way to Surprise Lake Middle School with about 12 students on board, ABC News said.

A school administrator was driving behind the bus during the incident. He rushed to the scene to perform CPR on the driver, who is said to be in serious condition.

Students had already called 911 on cellphones as Jeremy pulled the keys from the ignition.

“I’ll tell you, I’ll give the kid credit for fast thinking,” Milton police Chief Bill Rhodes told ABC. “He did the right thing and we're going to do something for him. The kid definitely deserves credit.”

In the video, Jeremy and his classmates are bouncing around as the driver loses consciousness, Fox News said.

The bus came to a safe stop near the curb beside an adjoining primary school.

“Everyone was asking questions,” Jeremy said, according to Fox News. “’Whoa there’s a bus over there, what did you do Jeremy?’ I was just like, ‘Well, I just drove the bus to the side.’ Everyone is excited about that.”

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