Hillary Clinton loves 'Texts from Hillary' Tumblr, submits her own post


Clinton delivers a statement on Burma at the State Department on April 4.



Yup. She did.

Hillary Clinton has submitted her own autographed entry to the “Texts from Hillary” tumblr.

The recent internet sensation is a parody purporting to show the US Secretary of State sending dry, somewhat salty text messages to celebrities and politicians.

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According to Politico, Adam Smith and Stacy Lambe, the creators of “Texts from Hillary,” were invited to meet Clinton at the State Department today and Smith was “still in shock.”

“It was great. She came out, she was all smiles, told us how much she likes the site and that people have been telling her all about it,” Smith was quoted as saying. “She just thinks it’s great.”

According to The Associated Press, Clinton aides said the Secretary of State thought the site was very funny and asked to meet its creators. The news agency said Clinton posed with Lambe and Smith for a photograph and signed her submission "Thanks for the many LOLZ Hillary 'Hillz."

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“Her staff reached out to us with the submission yesterday,” Lambe was quoted as saying by Mashable. “And we just met with her this afternoon. She was very delightful and thought kindly of us. I can tell you, her staff just thought the whole thing was great.”

Clinton’s post reads: “sup adam. nice selfie Stace :-) […] ROFL @ ur Tumblr! g2g — scrunchie time. ttyl?”