American Coach to Rebuild Russian Hockey Team Hit by Tragedy


Tom Rowe has been recruited by the Russian ice hockey team Lokomotiv to rebuild its team. (Photo:

For the Geo Quiz, we are looking for a Russian provincial city a short train ride northeast of Moscow.

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The city's onion domed churches and monasteries look out over the Volga River.

It was in the news eight months ago, because of a tragedy.

A plane crash there took lives of all the players on the city's top ice hockey team.

It was a painful blow for everyone there, but now the city and the team are trying to move on.

Yaroslavl, Russia is the answer to the Geo Quiz.

The city lost its beloved ice hockey team Lokomotiv in a tragic plane crash.

Now the city has recruited an American coach Tom Rowe to rebuild the hockey team.

Rowe, former assistant coach for the NHL's Carolina Hurricanes tells anchor Marco Werman about eh challenges of moving to Russia and becoming the head coach for Lokomotiv.