Iran: Reza Pahlavi pleads with Israel not to bomb his country over its nuclear program


His father’s spitting image: Iran's former Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi, an advocate of civil disobedience against the clerical regime in Tehran, holds a news conference in Washington in June, 2009.



Once Iran’s crown prince, Reza Pahlavi appeared on Israeli television today pleading with the Jewish State not to bomb his former country but instead to support public opposition to the clerical regime in Tehran, according to The Associated Press. Prior to his ouster in 1979, Pahlavi’s father Mohamed Reza Pahlavi had close ties with Israel.

The news came as, according to CNN, the International Atomic Energy Agency announced that long frustrated nuclear talks with Iran were to resume in Turkey this week.

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In the interview that aired today on Israel’s Channel 10, Pahlavi said a military attack would play into Tehran’s hands, according to the news agency. Pahlavi reportedly called on Israel to put "technological, financial and other resources at our disposal."

Israel is foremost among the nations concerned that Iran will develop nuclear weapons and Jerusalem has not ruled out a preemptive strike on Iranian infrastructure.

Iran claims its nuclear program is not for military ends but the IAEA has complained that Iranian officials have not fully cooperated with inspectors.

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According to CNN, the IAEA says talks with Iranian officials are to resume in Istanbul on April 14.

The news broadcaster said the agreement came after “weeks of tense diplomatic wrangling” between Iran and the permanent five members of the UN Security Council as well as Germany.