Still from Attraction Black Light Thatre's reinactment of the Passover Story. (Photo courtesy of You Tube).

Jewish families gather every year to recount the story of Exodus in the eight-day festival of Passover.

The story has been retold countless times in books and theater productions, and can now be viewed as a 4:30 shadow dance performed by the Hungarian dance troupe Attraction Black Light Theater.

Using a sheet, their bodies, and lights, the 12 member dance troupe re-envisioned the ancient story of Passover. Their narrative performance illustrates the toils of the enslaved Jews, Moses' encounter with the burning bush, the sentence of plagues in Egypt, Moses receiving the 10 commandments, and the eventual freedom of the children of Israel.

Through dance, oral tradition, and collective feasting, reliving the Passover story is a reminder of the enduring value of history, homecoming, and freedom.

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