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PETA buys engraved brick at new Marlins stadium discouraging fishing


PETA says it's pulled a fast one on the Miami Marlins baseball team.



People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals says it's "punked" Major League Baseball team the Miami Marlins.

The team offered fans the opportunity to be immortalized in its new stadium by purchasing personalized bricks, The Huffington Post reported.

PETA bought a brick reading “Florida Is Still Hosting Incredible Night Games. Helps Us Reach The Stars. Cheer Our Marlins!”, but the animal advocacy group said in a press release their brick contained a hidden message.

The first letter of each word spells out "," which redirects visitors to PETA's anti-fishing website, National Public Radio reported.

PETA said the hidden message is an effort to draw attention to the plight of fish, who the group says feel pain and suffer when they're caught on a hook or in a net.

On its website, the organization said, "It's much better to choose cruelty-free activities instead -- like, say, watching a baseball game."

The Miami Marlins have not commented on the pavement stone campaign.