Jason Russell is mostly absent from Kony 2012 sequel (VIDEO)


Jason Russell, a co-founder of the Kony 2012 campaign, was detained March 15, 2012, by San Diego police on accusations he masturbated in public and vandalized cars.



Invisible Children's sequel to its Kony 2012 film, "Kony 2012: Beyond Famous," still focuses on Lord's Resistance Army leader Joseph Kony and the atrocities that he has committed in Uganda.

But another person featured in the original video is mostly absent from the sequel: Jason Russell, the Invisible Children founder who narrated the original film and featured himself and his son prominently in it.

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The original video received over 100 million views on YouTube within six days of its release, Reuters reported. But the popular video has also been criticized for "dumbing down" the conflict in Uganda. The sequel addresses those criticisms by featuring clips from different news programs discussing the film. 

The criticisms of the video, along with critiques of the Invisible Children organization in general, intensified after Russell was detained in March for vandalizing cars and masturbating in public. He was later hospitalized for malnutrition and exhaustion.

"He is on the road to recovery. It's going to be months, the doctors say, but he is recovering," Invisible Children's Director of Ideology told Reuters Sunday.  

The latest video, narrated by Invisible Children CEO Ben Keesey, was originally supposed to be released on Tuesday, Fox News reported. A spokeswoman told Fox that the delay was caused by "editing issues."

"One month later, we are releasing this film, to explain the creation of the campaign," Keesey says in an introduction to the video.

Keesey begins the video by going into a bit of his own history. He was going to go into a career in corporate accounting before he saw another Inivisible Children film. "My path was changed forever. I asked Jason and the other founders of Invisible Children what I could do to help."

Watch below: