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Hot and cheap. What else does one need from an airline?


All that for only $99.



I was browsing the internet for “cheap flights in Asia” today and stumbled upon Air Asia, otherwise known as “the cheapest airline in the world.

And, boy, are they cheap.

You can fly from Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta for less than $100.

But, obviously, that’s not the chief selling point, as you can see from the ad.

What they are really proud of is, well, how extremely hot their meals are.

Not sure if you have to look as dorky as the male customer in the picture to get this level of hotness, but you might as well try and find out.

And check out all that legroom!

Something tells me that’s false advertising, but who cares if you have five flight attendants in red miniskirts spoon-feeding you?

Upon further research online, I did find out that Air Asia’s flight attendants are in fact, as hot as their meals, sometimes allegedly even hotter.

Well, it’s no wonder since this is what it takes to become an Air Asia flight attendant in the Philipines, for example.

Yes, it includes a catwalk discipline.