For the Geo Quiz, we are going to a scene of military coup in West Africa. Last month's military coup in Mali set several things in motion. Coup leaders ousted the country's president, accusing him of mishandling a rebellion in Mali's north. Neighboring countries want a return to democracy and they have now decided to impose a trade embargo. That could mean chaos in Mali because the country imports all its fuel. Meanwhile the rebels in the north have seized one of Mali's major cities. This 1,000-year-old city is a World Heritage site. It was once a center of Islamic learning with enough libraries to hold 700,000 ancient manuscripts. Timbuktu is the answer to the Geo Quiz. The seizure of historic Timbuktu has raised alarms and the head of UNESCO warned Tuesday that the site may be threatened. Anchor Marco Werman talks to Lydia Syson, an author and expert on Mali.
  • Timbuktu mosque

  • Sankoré mosque, Timbuktu. (Photo: Leslie Lewis/Flickr)

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