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Wisconsin primary: Obama to clinch Democratic Party's nomination

President Obama speaks today during the American Society of Newspaper Editors convention in Washington.



For the Republicans, everybody knows it’s all over but the shouting. Unfortunately, the shouting is far from over.

But, for President Obama, tonight it will end without a shot fired: the sitting Democratic president will clinch his party’s nomination for the presidency tonight at 8 pm EDT when polls close in Maryland and in the nation’s capital, according to CNN.

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Though understood to be a foregone conclusion, the president’s nomination has been put to a vote in presidential primary elections across the nation, writes CNN Political Research Director Robert Yoon.

CNN estimates that Obama needs 2,778 delegates to be the nominee and currently has 2,735. He is expected to win another 219 by the end of tonight, according to the news broadcaster, which said 100 delegates were at stake in Wisconsin and another 119 in Maryland and DC.

This will happen 364 days — one day less than a year — after Obama announced he would seek reelection.

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According to Bloomberg, Mitt Romney currently enjoys a 96.1 percent chance of winning tonight’s contest in Wisconsin on Intrade, an online exchange for betting on outcomes.

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