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Drunk street sweeper attempts to clean up car accident, misses, hits police car


Four Amish youth have been arrested on alcohol-possession charges in western New York state after a sheriff's patrol car hit a buggy while responding to a report of underage drinking.


Stan Honda

For those worried about drunk drivers on the road, it will not be comforting to learn that the government employees who clean up your car crashes may also be drunk.

Herbert Morgan, a state street sweeper in New Mexico, was cleaning up debris from a car wreck, but he missed.  His street sweeping vehicle instead crashed into a police car, the Associated Press reported.

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Police asked Morgan to step out of the street sweeper. They noticed that he was slurring his words and having trouble walking, according to a police report viewed by the AP.

Morgan was given a breath test, which found that his blood-alcohol concentration was twice the state's legal limit, according to the The Albuquerque Journal.

Action 7 News reported that Morgan admitted to police that he drank about four cans of beer the night before coming to work.

Morgan had backed into the deputy's car twice but "didn't seem to notice," forcing the officer to chase him down. The state's Department of Transportation will put Morgan on paid administrative leave while he faces drunk driving-related charges, Action 7 reported. 

The story follows the news last month that an Amish buggy carrying alcohol collided with a police car.