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Visa cards suffer technical problems

Visa may be accepted around the world, but it isn't immune to technical glitches.

Visa blamed a technical problem with its network for keeping people across the US from being able to use their Visa cards for at least 45 minutes today, the Associated Press said.

A Visa spokeswoman told the AP the outage stemmed from a recent update Visa made to its systems. She said the glitch has since been fixed.

Still, the Associated Press noted the outage kept a few people in North Texas from spending their Sunday afternoon at a shooting range as planned.

In Fort Worth, Shoot Smart gun range manager Jared Sloane told the AP a few customers left the range after they learned they would only be able to pay by check or cash. 

Visa said today's problem isn't related to the recent security breach at Global Payments Inc., which processes credit card transactions.

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Visa has removed Global Payments from a list of what it considers compliant service providers, the Wall Street Journal reported

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