Hungary's president resigns over plagiarism scandal


Hungary's President Pal Schmitt giving a statement to the press in Budapest on Mar. 22, just days before Semmelweis University began proceedings to strip Schmitt of his doctorate for plagarism.



Hungary's president Pal Schmitt has announced that he will resign over a plagiarism scandal involving his 1992 PhD dissertation, the Associated Press reported. The president, who was elected to serve a five year term in 2010, said the "personal issue" is dividing Hungary.

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Previously, Schmitt had said he would not resign over the scandal, which revealed that his dissertation was copied from two other scholars.

An inquiry at Semmelweis University in Hungary said his thesis was "mostly copied" from other authors, according to the Associated Press. Reuters said the committee also noted "unusually large amounts of verbatim translation" from other authors, including 180 pages that partially mirrored a study by a Bulgarian sports researcher. The PhD was revoked last Thursday.