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Ashton Kutcher to play Steve Jobs in biopic


Ashton Kutcher, by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images; and Steve Jobs in 1977 by Tom Munnecke/Getty Images.


Stephen Lovekin

Ashton Kutcher will play the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs in a forthcoming independent biography film to be called "Jobs," Variety reported

The independent film is not the only movie in the works; Sony Pictures also acquired the rights to a film based off the smash hit authorized biography by former Time Magazine editor Walter Isaacson, "Steve Jobs," according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The independent film will be based on a screenplay by Matt Whiteley and will be directed by Joshua Michael Stern.

Kutcher is known as a comedy actor, though he has been in drama films, including "The Butterfly Effect" and "Bobby," which was a story about the Los Angeles assassination of Senator and presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy.

MacRumors noted that Kutcher "has also been recently involved in Silicon Valley startups and technology investing."