Homs shelling continues, Annan spokesman says 'deadline is now' for implementing peace plan (VIDEO)


A Syrian woman holds a picture of President Bashar al-Assad as other protestors fly Palestinian and pre-Baath Syrian flags during a demonstration to mark Land Day in Damascus on March 30, 2012. Land Day, which began in 1976, marks the day Israeli forces killed six Palestinians during a protest against Israeli occupation of what Palestinians consider to be their land.


Louai Beshara

BEIRUT, Lebanon — Shelling continued today across Syria despite reports that the government accepted a six-point peace plan proposed by Kofi Annan, the joint United Nations-Arab League envoy to the embattled country, Reuters reported.

"Homs residents heard the crash of artillery and the thump of mortar rounds in anti-Assad areas of Syria's third city as troops conducted raids," the news wire wrote.

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The spokesman for Kofi Annan, who announced earlier this week that Syria had accepted his six-point peace plan, which calls for a ceasefire, said "the deadline is now" for implementing the plan, the BBC wrote.

Ahmed Fawzi, Annan's spokesman, said, "If you read the agreement... it specifically asks the government to withdraw its troops, to cease using heavy weapons in populated centers."

He continued, "The rationale is very simple. We are appealing to the stronger party to make a gesture of good faith and stop the killing. We are certain that if that happens, the opposition will follow suit."

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According to the BBC, Syrian president Bashar al-Assad said it was "necessary to obtain commitments from other parties to halt the terrorist acts by the armed groups and to withdraw the weapons of these groups and call on them to stop their terrorist acts" before he would cease his military operations.

Below is a video reportedly showing shelling today in the Hamdiyeh neighborhood of Homs.