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London Olympics: Penguins get their own diving board (VIDEO)


This photo taken on October 28, 2008, shows Gentoo penguins on the shore of King George Island, Antarctica.


Martin Bureau

Penguins, long celebrated for being cute, now get to show off their athletic skills. In celebration of the upcoming London Olympics, the London Zoo decided to give its penguins a special diving board. 

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The diving board was installed at Penguin Beach, a part of the zoo that houses 64 of the animals, the Daily Mail reported. The zoo's penguin shows occur twice a day and are among its top attractions.  

"The penguins love nothing more than to show off their diving skills," the zoo's Head Bird keeper told Discovery News. "We've installed it at the deepest point of their pool, right above the underwater viewing areas."

However, a close look at the video reveals that the penguins tend to jump soon after a zoo worker throws fish in the water. Maybe they're not into diving as much as just hungry.