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Diabetic (76) uses Scout skills to survive 10 days in Nevada desert


James Klemovich, 76, from Littleton survived 10 days when his car broke down in the Nevada desert, despite suffering from diabetes and having no food with him. His friend Laszlo Szabo, 75, went to get help but was found dead 1.5 miles from the car.


Pershing County Sheriff's Office

A 76-year-old man with diabetes has survived 10 days in the Nevada desert, but the 75-year-old friend who accompanied him trying to get help.

According to CBS, James Klemovich and Laszlo Szabo had gone to check out some mines in the area, but ran into car trouble on Mar. 18 in an area without mobile phone coverage.

The Pershing County Sheriff Richard Machado is quoted as saying that Klemovich was found near his car on Tuesday, by military personnel holding training exercises in the area.  He added that he seemed to be "in good health".

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Szabo's body, however, was found about a 1.5 miles away, KTVN in Reno reports, explaining that Pershing County is about 6,000 square miles in size.

Klemovich's wife Joanne Klemovich told the Denver Post that although he had no food, her husband had filtered water from a ditch using a towel, and then collected it in a coffee can.

He kept a journal, noting how much water he drank and his daily acitivites, and wrote a letter to his wife every day.

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She said that the two men ran the car heater on and off at night to keep warm and had a pair of blankets that had been in the trunk.

Associated Press says that Klemovich has diabetes, wears a pacemaker and had a triple bypass heart surgery.

Szabo, who is also diabetic, reportedly went to find mobile phone service, but did not survive, 9 news says.

The Pershing County Sheriff's Office says the investigation into Szabo's death is ongoing.