VIDEO: Firefighters rescue horse that fell into septic tank


Firefighters rescue a horse from a septic tank in Portland, Ore. The 34-year-old horse was OK. (Photo from AP video.)

Firefighters in Portland, Ore., got a surprise on Tuesday when they were called to a home to rescue a horse.

A 34-year-old mare had fallen into a septic tank and needed to be rescued.

According to The Oregonian, firefighters tied hoses and harnesses around the horse, Roxy, and then used winches and a pulley system to pull her out. On video, she can be seen taking a few wobbly steps after being rescued.

 Horse Rescued From Septic Tank
US News Video by NewsLook

Lt. Justin de Ruyter, a spokesman for Portland Fire & Rescue, told the Oregonian that the horse appeared to have only suffered a cut on her leg.

"She's a little tired, a little cold but I think it's going to be OK," de Ruyter said.

Owner Martha Johnston told the Associated Press that she was grateful to the firefighters for the rescue.

"She's an old gal," Johnston said to the AP. "The worst thing I was afraid of was her going into shock. Now she's just a little annoyed at the picking at her."

According to Johnston, her family didn't know about the old septic tank that was located on their property.