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Obama joins Pinterest


Pinterest isn't just for brides-to-be.

It turns out, Pinterest is not only for brides-to-be. The most important man in the world has joined the hot new social networking site.

President Barack Obama now has a Pinterest account complete with eight boards, including "Pet Lovers for Obama" and "ObamArt." As of 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday, he has 1287 followers.

Obama's campaign staff told the Huffington Post that the account was created weeks ago but pins started to be posted today.

And Obama for America Digital Director Teddy Goff confirmed that the account is officially the president's in a Twitter message.

Given the type of pins populating Obama's boards, it looks like his campaign team wants to use Pinterest as a re-election tool. His "Faces of Change" board showcases supporters of the president's health care policy, and "Just the Facts" includes a graphic on job growth under Obama.

Forbes suggests that Obama's campaign includes a board on "Obama-inspired recipes" to get the female vote.

According to ComScore, registered users on Pinterest number over 100 million, and skew not just heavily female, but Midwestern suburban females who use the site for fashion ideas, wedding planning and home design, or just to share photos of puppies. Coming on the heels of President Obama’s bid for female votes through the contraception debate, his new mastery of the favorite website of middle American women is hardly surprising. It’s no secret he needs the women’s vote.

But who knows -- maybe late one night Obama will put aside pressing issues like Iran and stress over his re-election, and let himself free on Pinterest, showing all the world (or at least all his followers) his favorite bathroom decor and spring fashion pix. We promise to re-pin.