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Statue Honoring Che Guevara to be Erected in Ireland


Galway is known as Ireland's cultural heart for its vibrant lifestyle and numerous festivals. (Photo: Sulmac/Wikipedia)

For the Geo Quiz, we are looking for an Irish city that has a historical link to Latin American revolutionary Che Guevara.

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He helped the Cuban revolution, of course, but he hailed from Argentina and some of his family roots can be traced back to this Irish city that looks out on the Atlantic.

So the city council has approved a proposal to erect a statue in Che's honor. The statue would sit along a scenic path called the Salthhill Promenade.

That is a place where it has become a tradition on Christmas Day to jump off the Blackrock Diving Tower into the sea.

But Che Guevara is a controversial figure and some locals are aghast at the plan. And some politicians in the US are up in arms about it too.

Galway, Ireland is where a proposed statue to honor Cuba's revolutionary leader Che Guevara is generating controversy.

Anchor Marco Werman gets details from Irish Times western correspondent Lorna Siggins.