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Guinness World Records: Zumba dance class record set in Mexico City with 6,633 participants (VIDEO)


Mexico City's zumba fanatics broke the world record for the largest class, with 6,633 participants dancing in Zócalo Square on the International Day of Physical Activity on March 26, 2012.


BBC News

Zumba dance fitness fanatics in Mexico City have set a new world record with their more than 6,500-person class, reported BBC News.

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The record was broken in Mexico City's famous Zócalo Square by a predominantly female crowd of 6,633 as Guinness World Records officials looked on, according to a video report by the International Business Times. The record breaking-class was held for almost an hour on the International Day of Physical Activity, with the idea of getting people active, outdoors and having some fun.

Another attempt was made to break the zumba record this February when two Dorset, England, charities took a shot at beating the original record of 2,012 people set by Zumba Fitness in London, but only 600 people showed up to participate. And it wasn't their first time. The English charities tried to break the record last October as well, but only managed to gather 750 dancers.