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Aggressive parents crash dysfunctional Easter egg hunt


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Tiziana Fabi

An Easter egg hunt in Colorado will be canceled after it resembled something closer to an Easter egg moshpit last year. Organizers of the event blamed aggressive parents for ruining it, the Associated Press reported.

"It's sort of got out of hand," Dave Van Ness, executive director for the Old Colorado City Associates, told Fox21. "Rather than create ill will, let's just not do it."

But, to be fair, it sounds like the 2011 Easter egg hunt was already a bit dysfunctional even before the parents came along. 

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For reasons that go unexplained, last year there was "no place to hide the eggs," the AP said. So organizers instead left thousands of eggs out in plain sight, taking a bit of the fun out of the "hunt" part.

A bullhorn to start the event then malfunctioned, so Mazie Baalman, master of ceremonies, had to instead yell instructions that were difficult to hear.

The AP also said that there was a rope marking the boundaries of the children-only event. But when the Easter egg collection-race started, some parents jumped right over.  

All of the eggs were gone in a matter of seconds. 

A teacher from the area told Fox21 that parents need to learn to "just chill out a little bit."

But not all parents are remorseful. "You have all these eggs just lying around, and parents helping out. You better believe I'm going to help my kid get one of those eggs," a parent told the AP.

The eggs were filled with donated candy and coupons for local businesses.