US soldiers assist Ugandan Air Force personnel package food supplies at a military airbase in Entebbbe, Uganda on Dec. 6, 2011. The food supplies were destined for Ugandan troops hunting The Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) and its chief Joseph Kony.
Credit: Michele Sibiloni

NAIROBI, Kenya —The tens of millions, mostly young, white Americans who watched "KONY 2012" aren't the only ones out to get Joseph Kony. Uganda's been after him for years. South Sudan, Congo and the UN have all had a pop.

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Last year Obama sent 100 military "advisors" to Central Africa and an eccentric former Hells Angel turned preacher, Sam Childers, is eager to end Kony's days on this earth, too.

The latest to join the manhunt is the African Union, which says it wants to "coordinate" a 5,000 strong regional army in its fight against Kony and his Lord's Resistance Army renegades.

"The new taskforce will have its headquarters in South Sudan's western town of Yambio — near the border with the Central African Republic and DR Congo — and be led by a Ugandan commander, while a Congolese commander will oversee intelligence coordination," according to reports

The announcement is more important for its symbolic value, representing the increased attention being paid to the LRA, rather than its potential impact on the ground. It is more a re-packaging of an existing arrangement than any new force, or new funds.

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