She has gotten tens of thousands of hits on her online ad for a husband.

But so far, no real takers.

I wonder why.

It’s probably not the commitment to pre-marital virginity that scared most potential candidates off.

It’s her commitment to post-marital virginity.

Tu Shiyou, 38, who runs Preserve Virginity, a website dedicated to promoting virginity before marriage, said she is running out of time to find a husband. 

So she turned to the internet to find one, People Daily reports.

She posted the following list of requirements for a husband, among others:

--Priority to a Party member or civil servant

--No premarital sex

--No sex life in the first three years of marriage (This one is particularly interesting. In my neck of the woods, people usually only have sex in the first three years of marriage).

My question is, does this potential husband need to be alive?

I don’t know how things work in China – and I know she has more than a half billion people to choose from – but still, with these kind of requirements I reckon she is best off going for a ghost marriage.

After all, ghost marriages – where one or both parties are deceased but they marry them anyway to preserve the family line – are on old Chinese tradition.

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