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Shooting at a Jewish School in Toulouse, France



A gunman has shot dead a man, two of his sons and a third child at a Jewish school in France.

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He opened fire outside the Ozar Hatorah school, in the southern city of Toulouse, then pursued children inside.

The gunman then escaped on a scooter or motorbike.

President Nicholas Sarkozy visited the scene, accompanied by Richard Prasquier, president of CRIF, an umbrella group for Jewish organizations in France.

"It is horrible," Prasquier told The World afterward. "Can you imagine? There is a woman who has lost her husband and two of her children."

Prasquier said there are very few Jewish Schools in the area. "For me there is no question that he knew he was in a Jewish school and he wanted to kill Jewish children."

Police won't comment on the motive, but say the same gun was used in two separate incidents last week in same part of France, in which three off-duty soldiers were killed.