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Greek man opens fire in Athens tax office


Over 20,000 Greeks are homeless, and about 10,000 sleep on the streets of Athens. Under new austerity measures, Greeks fear it could only get worse.


Oli Scarff

A 70-year-old man opened fire in an Athens tax office today, Athens News reported. No one was injured. 

The man arrived at the Agia Paraskevi tax office and started shooting from the outside. He then entered but did not threaten anyone, Athens News said. Police came to the scene and arrested him.

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The news comes as Greece continues to suffer more economic woes. The Bank of Greece predicted a deep recession for 2012. In its annual report released today, the central bank also predicted that unemployment would remain above 19 percent this year. 

The Associated Press noted that the predictions were made despite the successful negotiation of a bailout between Greece and lenders from the euro zone and Intentional Monetary fund earlier this year.

"The policies pursued failed on the whole to convince that they would ultimately succeed," the bank's report says of the bailout. "Reforms were perceived as dictated by our creditors, and not as necessary choices that could no longer be postponed without inviting dire consequences."

The austerity measures taken by the Greek government to secure the bailout money have resulted in deep job cuts and dissatisfaction among Greek citizens.

Earlier this month, a Greek man entered a factory that he had been fired from and shot three people, Sofia News Agency reported.