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Apple to reveal cash plans Monday


Apple unveiled the new iPad in San Francisco, Calif. on March 7, 2012. It is Apple's first product release following the death of Steve Jobs.


Kevork Djansezian

Apple is planning to make a $100 billion revelation Monday.

Apple said today that it would hold a Monday morning conference call to tell the world what it plans to do with the roughly $100 billion pile of cash it has sitting around.

The company already is among the world’s most valuable, and sales of its latest iPad and its iPhones are continuing to boom. But Apple “investors are getting increasingly antsy,” VentureBeat said.

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The obvious answer “would be to give cash back to shareholders, either via dividends or share buybacks,” the Economist said.  

But that’s not easy at Apple, whose founder Steve Jobs “was obsessed with hoarding cash,” according to the magazine.

Even though a dividend payment would be out of line with Jobs’ philosophies, there are signs investors could start getting a bigger piece of the Apple profit pie.

Bloomberg in February said Apple was “likely" to declare a $2 per share quarterly dividend before the end of the year. Fortune last month reported that Apple was discussing dividend options with large shareholders. 

Apple’s call is scheduled for 9 a.m. EDT. Apple CEO Tim Cook and CFO Peter Oppenheimer will discuss the company’s cash balance but no other topics, Apple said.

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