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Woman survives four days lost in Australian bushland wearing only a bikini


Emily O'Brien, 24, spent four days lost in Australian bushland wearing only a bikini before she was found by a rescue helicopter.


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MELBOURNE, Australia -- A woman who went missing while hiking in bushland along Australia's Gold Coast has been found alive four days later.

Emily O'Brien, 24, from the east coast city of Brisbane was wearing only her bikini and a pair of flip flops when she was separated from her boyfriend, Matthew Peter Cain, 33, reported.

Cain reported O'Brien missing to authorities on Friday, but is now believed to be on the run, according to Sky New Australia.

O'Brien recounted her ordeal to Channel 7, and said the pair had lost their bearings and were separated while searching for a waterfall in Springbrook National Park on Wednesday. 

In a separate interview with the Courier Mail, O'Brien described how she screamed for help: "I didn't think I'd get out alive. I can't believe he (Cain) left me there. I would never, ever put anyone in such a dangerous and frightening situation."

"I was exhausted, but he kept telling me to 'hurry up, hurry up,' " she said. "Every time I wanted to stop and have a drink, he wanted to keep going. He was getting further and further ahead and then I lost sight of him. I was yelling out, but he didn't answer."

A search helicopter located O'Brien at around noon on Sunday.

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Paramedic Darrin Hatchman told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that O'Brien was in good physical condition despite the fact she had not eaten for days and was left exposed to the elements.

"She wasn't dressed for survival - had nothing on her essentially," he said.  "So for the last three days she has just been drinking the water out of the river. She just had that minor exposure."

Authorities say they have since been contacted by Cain, who is known to police, through his lawyer, Jason Buckland, says.

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