Occupy Wall Street's six month anniversary ends in arrests (VIDEO)


Protesters affiliated with Occupy Wall Street participate in a 'spring training' protest outside the New York Stock Exchange on March 16, 2012 in New York City. The movement is planning an upcoming series of 'spring training' protests ahead of its planned 'May Day' strike.


Mario Tama

NEW YORK - Hundreds of protesters returned to the place where the Occupy Wall Street movement all began - Zuccotti Park in Manhattan's financial district. The Associated Press reported today that a total of 73 people were arrested but that by this afternoon it was unclear how many remained in custody.

Saturday marked the six month anniversary of the anti-capitalistic group that began on Wall Street and has ignited a global movement. Demonstrators waved flags and chanted slogans such as "All day, all night, occupy Wall Street" as they marched through lower Manhattan.

Shortly before midnight, protesters erected a makeshift tent of cardboard. Police soon ordered the park closed arresting about a dozen people, according to the New York Times. The AP said some demonstrators had locked arms and sat down in the middle of the park.

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Earlier in the day, protesters had marched in the financial district, resulting in another unspecified number of arrests, police told Agence France Presse.

Documentary film maker and activist, Michael Moore, told GlobalPost "I am here to help. This movement is now six months old and I think it is better" than when it began.

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Responding to criticism that the occupiers were losing steam and running out of funds, Moore said "I think lots of things are going to happen in the spring and summer."

OWS organizers say they expect activity to pick up soon as New York warms up, allowing demonstrators to reconvene outside.

At Saturday's general assembly planning meeting, much of the talk centered around plans for a global day of “economic disruption’’ on May 1 which they are hoping will be their largest event to date.

An AP video of the confrontation with police can be seen below: