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Goldman Sachs resignation: Intern reveals what it was like working under Greg Smith


Analysts work on the trading floor at Goldman Sachs in London. A former intern under Greg Smith told Business Insider that he holds his former boss in "high regard."


Odd Anderson

So far, the only inside response to Greg Smith's damning NYT op-ed on Goldman Sachs has been from the company's PR department. They simply said they didn't agree with Smith, no color, no context to why he would write this piece.

But a former intern who worked under Smith gave Business Insider a look into who Smith was at Goldman. Avneesh Singh Saluja, a fellow Stanford alum, was willing to speak out for the guy most Goldmanites are probably fuming at:

"I worked for GS both as an intern in 06 and as a full time analyst from July 07 to March 09. I was in the NY office until March 08 and then I was in HK for a year. I interacted with Greg mainly during my 06 summer and from 07 to March 08, when I was physically in the NY office. Greg was the Stanford "Equities Captain", i.e., he was a mentor for the incoming Stanford grads in the Equities department of the Sales & Trading (Securities) division of the firm. I hold him in very high regard - he took care of us junior guys, gave us great pieces of advice, and in general came across as one of the more personable, friendly, and genuine guys on the floor."

Linette Lopez writes for Clusterstock and joined Business Insider in the summer of 2011 after graduating from Columbia University's School of Journalism.


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