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Indonesia: Facing jail for filming sex on Blackberry


Need a spanking?



This whole story actually sounds like a script for a low budget porn flick. Sans the happy ending.

Imagine this scene:

Two men and a woman are having sex in a budget hotel room in West Java. Another man is shooting the action on his Blackberry. And, just as things are really steaming up, the door busts open and a police commando storms in.

Yes, in uniforms and everything.

This is where the story diverts from your typical porn script.

No, the cops didn’t take off their Velcro pants and didn’t get involved.

No spanking. No dirty talk (okay, maybe some of that).

But most importantly, they arrested the four people having sex.

Why, you ask?

Well, this is where the story gets a bit surreal.

The police allegedly got a tip that people in the room were using drugs, so they raided it.

But they found the people having sex instead.

Although no other video camera was found in the room, the fact that one of the men was recording the action on his Blackberry was enough to arrest them for violating them as “pornographers,” the Jakarta Globe reports.

The back story:

Indonesia has extremely strict laws on pornography.

The four are facing up to 12 years in prison for violating Indonesia's controversial 2008 anti-pornography law, which makes everything from the production and distribution to the possession of pornography illegal. 

The only way they can get out of a jail sentence is if they can prove the video was for their private use. Which is exactly what they have been trying to do. In 2011, Constitutional Court ruled that filming sex videos for private use was permitted.

Back in 2010, an Indonesian man was sentenced to three years and six months in jail after sex tapes featuring him ended up online, taken from his laptop without his knowledge by a former employee.

This is why Paris Hilton should never travel to Indonesia.