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GreenTalk: Delhi wastewater plants forced to shut down by off-the-charts pollution

New Delhi's Yamuna River forced the shutdown of two wastewater treatment plants Tuesday, causing water shortages of some 200 million gallons for local residents.

You know your river is screwed when it's so polluted they have to shut down the wastewater treatment plant that's supposed to make it fit for....going back in the river. Just sayin'.

It's the International Day of Action Against Dams and For Rivers, by the way. Fortunately, my home water filter-purifier-irradiator goes to 11.

“Supply stopped way too early than normal time this morning and there was no supply during the day,” the Hindustan quoted Kusum Jain, a resident of Basant Road in Paharganj, Delhi's backpacker ghetto, as saying.

“Generally water reaches the treatment plant through a separate drain. This drain got clogged, which added to pollution. The drain was diverted to reach through the Yamuna. The heavy pollutants prompted the shut down of the plants,” said a senior official at the Delhi water board.