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After 'The Artist,' Harvey Weinstein to Distribute Two Risqué French Films in the US

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Paris-based film critic Lisa Nesselson about two French films that Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein is about to distribute in the United States.

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Weinstein brought "The Artist" to the US.

These movies are a little different from the 2012 Oscar winner for Best picture, for one thing, they are both a little risqué.

Weinstein plans to distribute "Les Infideles," or "The Players," which is a raunchy comedy about cheating husbands. "The Players" stars Oscar-winner Jean Dujardin in a role that may shatter his smooth image in the United States.

Weinstein is also planning to distribute "The Intouchables" which is about two men — a quadriplegic aristocrat and a young man from the projects — who who should never have met.