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19-year-old woman falls in trash chute trying to retrieve her cell phone


A woman who fell into her garbage chute trying to retrieve her cellphone was saved by trash, officials said.


Justin Sullivan

How far would you go to rescue your cell phone?

Amanda Still, 19, fell down her apartment's garbage chute trying to retrieve her phone on Sunday, Reuters reported

The Atlanta, Georgia woman dropped her cell phone in a fast food bag, Dunwoody, Georgia police spokesman Tim Fecht told reporters. Still realized her cell phone was missing after she threw the bag into the trash chute at her apartment complex, and fell in as she reached into the chute for the bag, Fecht said. 

The 19-year-old said she was wearing flip flops, which caused her to slip when she leaned in to the chute to grab her phone, the Associated Press reported

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"If I would have been by myself, I would have died," Still, who was stuck between the first and second floors, told Channel 2.

A friend who was with Still at the time of the accident called 911. Police and firefighters removed the trash compactor at the end of the chute to pull her out, and said that garbage broke Still's fall and kept her from falling all the way into the compactor, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. She was taken to St. Joseph's Hospital to be treated for minor injuries.

"The paramedics and the fire department said if there wouldn't have been trash down there I'd have gone right into the compactor," Still said. "My head was this close into the compactor."

Still was worried that her apartment complex would sue her for damaging the trash equipment, but a representative from the apartment told Channel 2 they're just happy Still wasn't seriously injured and that they had not considered a lawsuit. 

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"I've heard of people getting stuck while cleaning the chutes, but taking a swan dive, like in the movies, that's pretty rare," Fecht told Reuters.

Still never got her phone back, Channel 2 reported.