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Class clown made wear a sandwich board on a busy Florida street in punishment (VIDEO)


Michael King Jr will spend Spring Break on a busy street in Kendall, Florida with a sign that reads: "I'm in the 7th grade and got 3 F's. Blow your horn if there's something wrong with that."



A middle school student from South Florida will spend Spring Break at a busy intersection wearing a sandwich board in punishment for failing three classes.

Michael Bell Jr.'s seventh grade report card showed he had failed Civics, Language Arts and Math and had been disrupting classes, the local WSVN news service reports.

In punishment, Michael's parents forced him to stand at a crossroads in the town of Kendall wearing a sign that read: "Hey, I want to be a class clown. Is it wrong?", with "I'm in the 7th grade and got 3 F's. Blow your horn if there's something wrong with that" on the back.

Both of Michael's parents were present to ensure he was safe, and to give him food and water, Fox News says.

"I don't know any other way, I'm trying to reach him.  This is my last resort," his father Michael Bell Sr. is reported as saying. "If I don't do anything, he's going to be a statistic and I don't want him to be a statistic," he said.

The reports prompted CBC to ask: "Is forcing a student to wear a sandwich board just punishment?", to which over 53 per cent of respondents voted 'yes'.

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Elsewhere, Tampa’s Bay News 9 reported that the parents of a middle school student in Lakeland complained after a teacher made their son wear a sign in punishment for missing the writing portion of the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test.

The sign read: “I decided to come to school today but I didn’t come to school during the FCAT,”  but the parents claim their son was sick and had a doctor's note.

The teacher has since apologized to the student, saying she meant it to be a “friendly correction” and did not want to ridicule the student.