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American Airlines flight attendant says that plane will crash, gets tackled


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An American Airlines plane was sent back to the gate minutes before takeoff today after a flight attendant announced that the plane would crash later.

"We're having technical difficulties. We are heading back to the gate," she announced, according to the Dallas Observer

Another flight attendant then came on and said that the plane was still taking off, after all. The other flight attendant disagreed and continued with her announcement.

"She was addressing the captain, telling him not to take off, that it would not be her responsibility when the plane crashes and that it was going to crash. Then she was tackled by first-class passengers, who threw her against the wall," the sister of a passenger told the Dallas Morning News

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Her predictions turned out to be false. American Airlines Flight 2332 eventually left Dallas and arrived in Chicago at 11:46 a.m, the Chicago Tribune reported

An American Airlines spokesman confirmed to the media that there was an "incident" on the plane. Two flight attendants were taken to the hospital for treatment, the spokeswoman said. 

During her rant, the flight attendant also complained about American Airlines' bankruptcy reorganization, Fox News reported. The airline company had told its unions last month that it plans to cut 13,000 jobs.