Jarawa girls in clothes given to them by outsiders. Encroachment onto their land risks exposing the Jarawa to diseases to which they have no immunity. (Photo: Survival International)

For the Geo Quiz, we want you to put the Andaman Islands on the map. We are looking for the body of water where this tropical island territory of India is located. Marco Polo may have been the first to write about the inhabitants of these islands. And they still seem to fascinate visitors today. Many hope to catch a glimpse of the indigenous islanders, known as Jarawa. Bay of Bengal is the answer to the Geo Quiz. The Andaman Islands are located about 500 miles off the coast of India in the Bay of Bengal. Anchor Marco Werman talks to Sophie Grig, a senior campaigner for Survival International, an organization that advocates for tribal people's rights worldwide, about the problem of "human safaris."

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