India arrests suspect in Israel diplomat bomb attack


Investigators at Tughlaq Road police station inspect a vehicle that exploded near the Israeli embassy in New Delhi on February 14, 2012. The blast that badly wounded an Israeli diplomat February 13 was a terrorist attack by a highly-trained operative, the Indian government said February 14, as Israel accused Iran of being responsible. AFP PHOTO / Prakash SINGH



Syed Mohammed Kazmi was arrested on Wednesday by Indian police in connection with the Feb. 13 bombing of the car of an Israeli diplomat in New Delhi. Kazmi, a freelance journalist, was allegedly in contact with the prime suspect in the bombing, the Associated Press reported.

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The attack wounded the wife of the targeted diplomat, as well as her driver and two others. The police said they searched Kazmi's house for two days to collect evidence of the ways in which he might be linked to the attack.

Israel accused Iran of orchestrating the attacks and of being a state sponsor of terror.

The same day, another bomb attached with a magnet was discovered dragging under the car of a diplomat's car in Georgia. The following day, Iranians in Thailand accidentally blew the roof off of a house they were renting. "Israeli authorities said the similarity between their explosives and the two earlier bombs linked Iran to all three incidents," the AP said. 

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Iran denounced the accusations as "sheer lies," the BBC reported.