FIFA opens investigation after Bahrain's 10-0 win over Indonesia (VIDEO)


Bahrain's Mohammed Ali challenges Indonesia's Guvawan Dwicahyo during their 2014 World Cup Asian zone qualifying football match the Bahrain National Stadium.


Adam Jan

FIFA said Friday that it was investigating an "unusual outcome" in Bahrain's 10-0 defeat over Indonesia in Manama Wednesday, according to the Associated Press.

The match, according to AFP, contained a number of potentially suspicious occurrences, particularly the fact that Bahrain had gone into Wednesday's Asian zone qualifier needing exactly nine goals over rival Qatar to be accepted into the final qualifying round.

Yet, Qatar's 2-2 draw on the same day meant that Bahrain's efforts had been in vain.

In a statement quoted by the Guardian and the Associated Press FIFA said: "Given the unusual outcome in relation to the results-expectation and head-to-head history, and in the interests of maintaining unequivocal confidence in our game, FIFA Security will conduct a routine examination of this game and its result."

According to the Telegraph, Bahrain has historically had close games with Indonesia, having won two, drawn two and lost two prior to Wednesday's game.

Bahrain had scored nine goals in those six matches, while conceding seven.

Yet, Indonesia was disadvantaged during the match, according to the Guardian, with its goalkeeper, Samsidar, sent off after just two minutes of play on a red card. Indonesia had also lost their previous five matches scoring just three goals, while conceding 16.