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Burma's first ice park

Hey, record-setting wave of tourists pouring into Burma.

After a must-see tour of the soul-stirring spires of Shwedagon Pagoda ...

... wouldn't you like to shimmy down a sub-zero slide at a theme park made of ice?

Or behold a giant frozen Angry Bird?

The proprietors of "Ice Wonder Land," Burma's first ice park, certainly hope so.

The theme park opened just a few days ago in Rangoon, formally known as Yangon, the Myanmar Times reports. (Myanmar is Burma's official title.)

The park -- featuring "ice statues of world famous buildings, personalities and a small playground," according to the Myanmar Times -- is strategically located near Burma's top tourist attraction, Shwedagon Pagoda, a resplendent golden temple said to contain strands of Buddha's hair.

I suspect most tourists travel to Burma to witness a world both beautiful and tragic, a land frozen in time (thanks largely to Western sanctions) that maintained incredible character and warmth even as ruling generals drove the conntry into the ground.

Starry-eyed Western tourists are probably not expecting to see theme parks built from ice. 

But if foreigners keep flowing in at this clip, people should brace for a Burmese tourist landscape that's less about marveling at crumbling British colonial structures and more in line with mainstream Asian tourism interests, which skew towards the flashy and new.

Besides, Burma's "time warp" appeal is the product of poverty and seclusion.

No one wants to live in a country frozen in time.