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Syrians Divided Over Fighting Assad

The opposition Syrian National Council appealed for foreign intervention today, as violence continues.

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The SNC asked for internationally protected safe zones, or alternately, humanitarian corridors for supplies to get in, and people to get out.

An international conference in Tunis, however, stopped short of endorsing the idea.

That's good news for Dr Rim Turkmani.

Turkmani has family in the embattled city of Homs. She's an academic based in London, and she's also a member of another Syrian opposition group, called "Building the Syrian State."

She's opposed to any foreign intervention. "How is it going to work" she asks, "how are the shells going to fall particularly on the tanks of the regime without losing many more people, many more innocent civilians."

Turkmani also told anchor Lisa Mullins that she objected to Syrians taking up arms. "I am opposition to my bones," she says, but "we are taking the wrong road" by taking up arms. It just gives the regime "an excuse to kill more civilians."

  • Dr.-Rim-Turkmani.jpg

    Dr. Rim Turkmani (Photo: Rahul Joglekar)

  • Dr.-Rim-Turkmani1.jpg

    Dr. Rim Turkmani (Photo: Facebook)

  • rastancropped.jpg

    Unverified image of the aftermath of an attack by opposition fighters on one of President Assad's tanks (Photo: BBC Video)

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    Unverified image from the Syrian opposition of the aftermath of an attack on one of President Assad's tanks (Photo: BBC Video)