Scottish Lawmaker in a Bar Brawl


Eric Joyce (Photo: Congliti/Wikipedia)

For the Geo Quiz we are looking for a major landmark in London.

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The building is at the center of Britain's political world.

It is right on the Thames and right next to Westminster Abbey.

This historic place houses several drinking establishments and this week, it has been in the news because of what happened inside one of its bars.

Houses of Parliament is the answer to the Geo Quiz.

It houses nine drinking establishments and it was in one of those bars called "Strangers Bar" that a brawl took place Wednesday.

Scottish lawmaker Eric Joyce reportedly head-butted another Member of the Parliament.

He has since been charged with three counts of common assault and suspended from the Labour Party until police finish investigating the case.

Anchor Lisa Mullins talks to Paddy O'Connell who hosts the BBC's Sunday news program "Broadcasting House."