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Anonymous hacks Greek justice website, threatens to erase the debts of Greek citizens

Internet activists claiming to be from the Anonymous network hacked the Greek justice ministry's website for the second time this month, Athens News reported today.  Text uploaded to the site warned that the Greek justice ministry was making a "big mistake" for its arrest of three internet hackers earlier this week.

Greek police arrested an 18-year-old boy and charged two other teenagers for their alleged involvement in an earlier hacking of the Greek government agency's website. The original hacking took place on Feb. 3. The teenagers arrested were members of the Greek Hacking Scene.

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But in the statement uploaded today, Anonymous said that the Greek Hacking Scene had nothing to do with either of this month's internet attacks. "Free them, you're making a big mistake," the message said, according to Athens News. "This was done by the Anonymous and not by the GHS kids."

Anonymous also tackled austerity cuts in its statement, saying that Greek citizens had been stripped of their dignity. The group threatened to delete the debts of Greek citizens in the tax office system if more austerity cuts are made.

In the hacking that occured earlier this month, a group uploaded a message threatening "cyberwarfare," according to a screen grab of the defaced site.  

Though that earlier message also says "We are Anonymous," police told Athens News that they still believe the Greek Hacking Scene is responsible for both attacks.