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Mark Zuckerberg creates a profile on Pinterest


Mark Zuckerberg has made a profile on Pinterest, the fastest growing social media site.



Mark Zuckerberg has joined Pinterest, a photo sharing website that is one of the hottest new trends in social media, CNET reported

Zuckerberg has over 4,000 followers on the site, which allows users to "pin" photos and links from the internet they like onto different "boards." His profile seems to be authentic, and is linked to Zuckerberg's own Facebook profile, the Daily Mail reported

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Facebook creator and CEO Zuckerberg is known for joining other social media sites to scope out the competition; he has over 630,000 followers on Google+ and over 134,000 followers on Twitter, both of which he rarely uses. He has only tweeted once so far in 2012, and his last tweet before that is from 2009. He has also never shared anything on Google+. 

There is still suspicion that Zuckerberg's profile on Pinterest could be a fake. Last week, "Mitt Romney" apparently joined Pinterest, only to tout caviar and yachts, The Atlantic Wire reported

Pinterest is the fastest growing social network online, according to CNET. However, Facebook is still the most popular social media site by a long shot: data on referral traffic from last month put Pinterest at 3.6 percent, tied with Twitter and Google+, while Facebook had 26.4 percent, CNET reported. 

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