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'Tintin in the Congo' Not Racist, Court Rules

"Blistering Blue Barnacles!"

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For the Geo-Quiz, we're looking for the hometown of Georges Remi.

You might know him by his pen name, Hergé.

But you most likely know Hergé's most famous creations: Tintin, the boy reporter, and his faithful dog, Snowy.

Herge sent Tintin on many adventures.

In the early 1930s, Tintin went to what was still the Congo.

Hergé's depiction of life in the Congo has struck some these days as racist.

One man in the Belgian city we're looking for has even tried to have "Tintin in the Congo" banned.

The answer is Brussels, Belgium, where a court has rejected the application to ban the controversial Tintin book. The World's Clark Boyd tells us more.