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Indonesian Women to Get Husbands' Salaries

Indonesia is the destination for today's quiz.

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More specifically the Province of Gorontalo. That's where Governor Rusli Habibie is implementing a new policy, diverting the pay of married men who work for the provincial government.

From next month, their money will go directly to their wives. This follows petitions from women who say they're not getting enough money from their menfolk to feed their families and pay the rent.

Gorontalo lies on one of the great islands of Indonesia. Can you name it?

From the air, the island looks a bit like an octopus on its side, with several long peninsulas extending into the sea, like tentacles. Due north is the Philippines. Go west and you hit Borneo.

The answer is Sulawesi.

Anchor Marco Werman gets details from the BBC's Jakarta reporter, Karishma Vaswani.