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Does Richard Lugar read GlobalPost?

Does Richard Lugar read GlobalPost?  What are these mysterious "press reports" he's talking about?

OK, it just may be possible the U.S. senator gets his news from the Times of India, or maybe someplace a little more boring, like Reuters.  But he's reading about India somewhere....

Further to my reporting on India's refusal to honor the U.S. sanctions on Iran, incidentally, I spoke with a source at India's oil ministry the other day, and he explained that there wouldn't really be much financial cost if India did decide to honor the sanctions against Iran.  Saudi Arabia is apparently ready to supply the same 12-15 percent of India's oil imports at the same rate, more or less.

I stand by my position that the sanctions don't make much sense, and US-India ties are more important.  But it bears mentioning that India's refusal is based on political concerns about its own ties with Iran, rather than economic questions.