Woman shoves gay rights activist who heckled Newt Gingrich


Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich speaks at a press conference Saturday after results of the Nevada caucus were released in Las Vegas.



The Atlantic caught footage of gay rights protesters heckling Newt Gingrich Monday. One of the hecklers was then shoved by an angry Gingrich supporter. 

Gingrich, a candidate for the Republican Party presidential nomination, was speaking to a small room at Bloomington, Minnesota rally about topics like Saturday Night Live ("Some day I want to see Saturday Night Live broadcast from the moon") and foreign policy with Egypt. A young man sitting toward the back of the room then interrupted. "Hey Newt, why do you support discrimination against gays and lesbians all the time?" he yelled.

The crowd immediately booed. The heckler yelled "serial hypocrisy!" over and over again as the police escorted him away.

After he left the room, another protester appeared in the aisle and said, "No hate in our state! Why do you discriminate?" A woman at the rally then shoved him and appeared to yell in his face. 

"Get him out of here!" another Gingrich supporter can be heard saying. 

The Atlantic notes that Minnesota "is proving to be treacherous territory for GOP presidential candidates."

CBS News caught footage of Mitt Romney getting glitter-bombed by activists in Minnesota last week. And City Pages reported today that a protester who goes by the name "Charlie McAwesome" glitter-bombed Ron Paul at a rally in Minnesota last night.