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Charles Dickens' American Tour

Today's Geo Quiz feels about 200 years old.

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English novelist Charles Dickens was born 2 centuries ago Tuesday, but he remains relevant even now said Archbishop of Canterbury because his books and characters explore what it means to be human.

In January 1842, Dickens sailed to America for the first time.

He wanted to see the Niagara Falls with his own eyes and also the American prisons and asylums.

He also traveled to a historic American city near Boston to see how textile workers, especially women, were treated in the busy and crowded mills.

And we want you to name that 19th century industrial city.

Lowell, Massachusetts is the answer to the Geo Quiz.

It was a place that Dickens sought out in 1842 when he first came to America.

Anchor Marco Werman talks to Natalie McKnight about Dickens' American tour to chronicle the injustices of the Victorian age.

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    Charles Dickens (Photo: Jeremiah Gurney/Wikipedia)

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    Portrait of Charles Dickens on his visit to Boston 1842, painted by Francis Alexander. (Photo: Wikipedia)